Team Building Adventures


Adventure activities for Engagement Programs like Team Building; Leadership Program; Induction Program; Recreational and Bonding Offsite etc.

Easy Grade Adventures (also check out here)

Hill Climb / Summit Climbs

Fear Factor Battlefield 

Rock Climbing


Trust Fall

Trust Walk or Tight Rope Walk

Raft Building and Raft Challenge

Kayaking and Rowing 

Conflicts and Collaboration with DCC 

High rope Courses for Team Building

Mud and Slush Rush Challenge

Dynamic Challenge Maze

Other Adventure Activities...

 Valley Crossing, Zip Line / Flying Fox, Commando Bridge, Jumaring, Rope Balancin, Mavla, Summit Climb, Pinnacle Climb, Obstacle Course, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Sailing Challenge, Snorkeling,  Fire Walk, Glass Walk,

Adventure Treks ( One to Three Days) - Easy to Moderate Ones, Heritage / Cross Country / Off Beat Cycling Trips,

Treasure Hunt - Cross Country Treasure Hunt; Heritage Treasure Hunt; Adventure Treasure Hunt

Scaling Up - Darrr Ke Aage Jeet Hai (Bada Adventures)

High Rope Adventure Rappelling - 250 feet to 1800 feet rappelling line

Amazing Boulder Obstacle Trek - Adventure of a life time (2 to 3 days)


Cross Country Obstacle Course

Chadar Trek (5 days to 9 days)

Snow Leopard Trek (9 days)

Stok La Trek

Stok Kangri Base Camp and Summit Trek

EBC Trek


Everest View Trek

 Scuba Diving

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