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Drab ppts, zigzag sales graphs, collection pressures, project deadlines, commuting in the Metro, rising inflation, stock market crashes, an ever increasing collection of junk cable TV channels.. Sounds familiar?

We don't have the solutions to this nor do we offer a 4-minute nirvana course. We also don't know the 10 quick steps to salvation.

These are realities of a crazed city and no one can avoid it. Not even us!

Yet, we know certain things; that as you travel 10 km further from Panvel on the Goa highway, the temperature drops suddenly; climbing the Mahuli peak early morning leaves you with better lungs and heart; star gazing in the middle of the night atop Harishchandragad can be an unparallel experience; a coin tossed from the top of Vasota peak at Babukhada can swish right back at you because of the wind pressure rushing up the valley like a hurricane...

That it took 22 years for the Sidhis to build the Janjira fort, the only one which Shivaji could never conquer; Daulatabad fort changed hands between 7 dynasties in its 800 year old history; there could be even more forts yet to be unearthed in Maharashtra; 'Creole' is a variation of Portuguese languate spoken in the world only by a small community (of less than 400 people) in the fishing village of Koralai near Alibaur, 'Ladakh' is 'the coldest desert in the world and also has the highest motorable road in the world, hightest saltwater lake in the world, least populated district in India in terms of density and is a land like no other", Bhutan is rated highest in Asia as The Land of Gross National Happiness'....

.... Welcome to NatKCO

We Trek, We Travel, We Explore... Wild Life Sancturies, Forts, Historical Places, Jungles, Lakes, Mountaines, Beaches...

Our Bucket of Adventures.. Rappelling, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting, Sailing, Fishing, Paragliding, Caving, Snorkelling, ... on and on...

We honestly attempt to live, rather than survive and we will be happy to invite you to join us.

Team Nature Knights

Nature Knights programs are designed and executed by  our team members from diverse corporate and cultural backgrounds. They include professionals from Technology, Human Resource, Business Consulting, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Media, Doctors to name a few.

We seasoned team in corporate world plus year of exposure in various outbound and in-door adventure activities / games we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with dynamics situations during outbound eco-adventures and experiential program.

To be the most cherished company facilitating experiential learning and outbound eco-adventure programs for individuals and organisations.

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