Team Building Adventures


Adventure activities for Engagement Programs like Team Building; Leadership Program; Induction Program; Recreational and Bonding Offsite etc.

Easy Grade Adventures (also check out here)

Hill Climb / Summit Climbs

Rock Climbing


Trust Fall

Trust Walk or Tight Rope Walk

Raft Building and Raft Challenge

Other Adventure Activities..

 Valley Crossing, Zip Line / Flying Fox, Commando Bridge, Jumaring, Rope Balancin, Mavla, Summit Climb, Pinnacle Climb, Obstacle Course, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Sailing Challenge, Snorkeling,  Fire Walk, Glass Walk,
Adventure Treks ( One to Three Days) - Easy to Moderate Ones, Heritage / Cross Country / Off Beat Cycling Trips,

Treasure Hunt - Cross Country Treasure Hunt; Heritage Treasure Hunt; Adventure Treasure Hunt

Scaling Up - Darrr Ke Aage Jeet Hai (Bada Adventures)

High Rope Adventure Rappelling - 250 feet to 1800 feet rappelling line

Amazing Boulder Obstacle Trek - Adventure of a life time (2 to 3 days)


Cross Country Obstacle Course

Chadar Trek (5 days to 9 days)

Snow Leopard Trek (9 days)

Stok La Trek

Stok Kangri Base Camp and Summit Trek

EBC Trek


Everest View Trek

 Scuba Diving

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